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Why Franchise?

Buying a franchise is buying confidence. Franchising is a sole person buying into a tried and true successful business. Franchising is an amazing opportunity for both franchisee and franchisor to partner to grow more successful and broaden our network under the same brand.

Why a Profiles franchise?

Why not! Profiles is an ever-growing multi million dollar concept that has become quite contagious! With 5 locations in southwest Florida, we have built a very successful  & rewarding business. 


Opening your own Profiles Salon gives you the prestige of being a business owner, being your own boss and creating an amazing atmosphere for a staff of your own. All with out the risks you would take by flying solo. 
With over 18 yrs. in the industry we know what works...from our clever marketing to draw a niche clientele, proven staff retention strategies and an exclusive brand of specialty products and services clients cant get elsewhere.
What are the requirements for opening a Profiles Franchise? Do I need any licensing or experience?

First and foremost you must have a passion for our industry! Although we highly recommend having some type of background in nails or cosmetology, we are always looking for extremely outgoing business owners and would consider your application with out. Opening your Profiles will be an adventure that requires both people and management skills.

What is the initial franchise fee? What are the monthly royalties, and how long do I pay these?

Like most standard franchises there is an initial fee that will be due upon signing on to your ProFiles Franchise. Your "royalties" (weekly fees) are a fixed amount based on the size of your salon. Our formula for these fixed rates is derived from common franchise practices. Most franchises charge 4% of gross weekly sales for royalties. Profiles replaced this standard percentage with a fixed rate, this way when you work harder…you pocket that profit, not us. You will continue to pay royalties for as long as you own your profiles.

What is the approximate cost to open my profiles? What does this include? What additional costs can I expect?

Cost depend on a lot of factors!
First to consider, is the size of your salon. We like to recommend 1200-1600 sq. ft.
Next would be your and location. Building costs and commercial leases vary greatly across the country.
Considering that, you can typically range between $90-$160 pr/sq. ft.
Additional costs could include lease deposits, retail products, 3-6mos. operating expenses, additional and or grand-opening advertising and marketing and any travel expenses if you are not close to our corporate headquarters in Cape Coral, FL.

Who chooses the location for my profiles? How do I negotiate my lease?

Choosing your location is very much a collaborative effort. Our franchise development team can help you choose a location that meets both our requirements and standards. We can aid you in lease negotiation, to ensure your getting a fair deal, and will need to approve your lease prior to signing.

Who designs and builds my Profiles?

Once you have determined your salon location, we immediately start the design work. We will work together to achieve a layout that allows maximum usage of space. This initial drawing is included in your costs. Any additional drawings may be at an additional cost to you. For the build-out, our development team employs a general contractor that you can hire to act as super of your build-out or you can choose to use your own. In which case we will work with them and supply build-out specifications.

Where do I get all salon furniture and fixtures? Are there specific requirements?

All of your work stations (pedi tubs, nail desks, hair stations, front desks, bling stations etc) will be custom made for your location by us. This is included in the approx. sq. ft. quote (question 5) .we can also offer assistance in cabinetry for your salon and include this work with your custom furniture build-out or you can opt to hire your own. There are some requirements on your waiting area and retail shelving that must be met, but allows room for individuality. Other furniture like chairs, office & break-room & bathrooms are your responsibility.

Where do I get all my salon equipment, products and supplies? Am I required to buy all products from Profiles?

Upon commencement of the FDD you will receive a product manuel listing all the products you are required to buy from Profiles Nail Gallery inc. and what your recommended opening order should be. Any products used for services must be purchased through Profiles Nail Gallery inc. or an approved vendor. This promises a level of unity and consistency between our salons that is crucial to your success. Not to mention together we have superb buying power...which means your products will actually cost you less. Also included in your product manual will be a list of approved vendors and products. Along with a checklist of operating/office supplies and equipment that we recommend you purchase before opening.

What retail products must I carry? Where do I get them? Can I carry other lines?

You will be required to carry our branded retail items, which range from nail polish, treatments & lotions to tee shirts and fun stuff. We will also supply you with a substantial vendor list for all types of retail items, if you want to carry other lines we will simply need to approve them and add to our current list. This gives all our locations the opportunity to carry a large variety of boutique style retail and again maintain our standards of consistency. We do encourage you to invest in retailing! This is a great way for you to make more money.

Will I receive training prior to opening? What type of ongoing support will I receive?

This is our favorite question to answer...this is where we really shine! Our ability to train and support are unparalleled!


Included in your initial franchise fee:
*Prior to opening you will start your training with us. We will invite you to train at our home base as often as you like.
*You and 1 front desk staff will receive 1 week training on daily operations.
*Your entire staff can train at home base location 3 weeks prior to opening.
*You will receive a senior trainer at your location for 4 weeks of business to help train your staff & ensure amazing quality of services. (this can be customized to your individual salons needs)
*New hire training at home base salon (must have advance notice and approval to be sure there will be a trainer available to assign)
*You will receive quarterly regional classes on new tricks and trends.
*Take advantage of our vast network of industry veterans and business gurus available 24-7 for technical, managerial or customer situations assistance.
*Comprehensive competition training which will give nail techs the opportunity to compete at trade shows on team Profiles
*Web access to monthly how to's on new designs.


The only time training and education will be at an additional cost to you would be the following:
*One on one training with a senior mentor available at your request pr. hour or per day rates will apply plus travel expenses.
*Any and all travel expenses for the aforementioned training.

How do I get started?


That’s easy!

Download and fill out our I wanna be a rockstar questionnaire and franchise application.
Submit to.. .
Franchise development team
fax: 239-573-9177


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